About Us

Our company specializes in Wildland fire suppression.

We have five, 20 person hand crews contracted through Oregon Department of Forestry R-6 interagency crew agreement. We have seasonal employment opportunities with our contracted fire crews.


  • Must be 18 years old

  • Must be able to pack 45 pounds for three miles, in under 45 minutes.

  • Must be a drug and alcohol free team player who is able to work out of town with 20 people for extended periods of time in remote areas.

  • Must attend a 40 hour training.

Most of our crew members live between Albany and Portland, Oregon. This gives them time to be at one of our dispatch centers within one hour of a call up.

Interested applicants, experienced and new are invited to e-mail their resumes or questions. You may also look for future training dates and locations that will be posted on this web site.


Tree planting and tree thinning. We do contracts through out Oregon and Washington for Government and Private Agencies.

Wet land Mitigation and stream restoration. We specialize in the planting and maintenance of wet lands. Our work includes mechanical and chemical control of invasive and non native plants. Our customers include the US Forest service, City of Eugene, City of Beaverton, SOLV and Clean Water Services.

Commercial Pesticide application:

We are licensed in the State of Oregon for Agriculture herbicide application, Forest pesticide application and Right of way application. A lot of our work is backpack selective or direct injected chemical application. We also do road side spraying using a NORSTAR truck mounted sprayer. Our customers include, numerous private land owners, Clean Water Services, City of Eugene, US Department of AG Forest Service, and SOLV, Stop Oregon Litter and Vandalism.

Tree service and general labor:

Our company provides a wide variety of general labor services from storm clean up to Nursery labor. Please contact us about any of your temporary labor needs. We currently have over 120 trained and supervised personal that we dispatch for a variety of services.